Frequently Asked Questions


Contact Us

  • How do I contact Lifetouch Prestige?
    • Contact Us By Phone (Monday – Friday 8:00AM-4:30PM CST) 888-676-1647 please have your session ID handy for faster service.


  • When should I place my order?
    • Orders should be placed within 30 days of receiving your proofs. Many of our customers sharing
      their images with friends and family first to get their input and then place their order.
  • Can I get help placing my order?
    • Yes, please call us toll-free at 888-676-1647 for further assistance.
  • How long does it take to receive my order?
    • From the time we receive your order, expect two to three weeks for delivery of your portraits.
  • How many proofs can I order from?
    • As many as you’d like. If you have at least four proofs you’d like to order from, we recommend
      the Perfect Package. Otherwise, you can order a package with a limited number of poses, and an
      extra fee will apply if you decide to order from more proofs than the package allows.
  • What if I want more portraits after I order?
    • Not a problem. Simply access your online account and order more portraits.
  • Can I order the proof set only?
    • Yes, but for a better value, we recommend ordering a package that includes a proof set. You can
      find the proof set by viewing our Products tab at the top of any page. Click Shop All Products,
      then Frames and Photo Displays.
  • What is a Portrait CD?
    • The Portrait CD can be used to save and store your (hi-res) images for years to come. If you
      ever need to reprint your portraits you can use the files on the CD to print up to an 8×10
  • How long do I have to order?
    • Images may be removed from the website on June 15th of your graduation year but can still be
      ordered by phone up to 18 months after your photography session. To place an order with a
      customer service representative please call us toll-free at 888-676-1647.
  • I have two children graduating this year. Can I split a package between them?
    • You can but not on our website. You can call Customer Service at 888-676-1647 and we would be
      happy to help you.
  • I don’t need a package. Can I order by the sheet?
    • Packages offer our best value, but you can order individual sheets and products under our
      Products tab found at the top of any page.

Session ID and Access Code

  • Where do I find my session ID and access code?
    • There are three ways to locate your session ID and access code:
      • The session ID and access code are included in your proof set. (Proofs usually arrive
        2-3 weeks after your sitting.)
      • If you provided your email address at the time of your session, we will include them in
        your “Welcome” email from Prestige Portraits.
      • If you have already added the images to your account, log in and click the SHARE
        PORTRAIT PROOFS link at the bottom of your proofs page. Enter the email address of the
        person with whom you are sharing. We’ll send them a link to your student’s images. They
        can mark their favorite poses and items. They can also place an order if they wish.
    • If you still need assistance in locating these credentials please contact Customer Service via
      phone at 888-676-1647.
  • How do I add another student/set of images to my account?
    • After you have logged in to your account click the “View Proofs” button. From there, you’ll see
      the proofs you had previously added. In the middle of the left hand panel, you’ll see a
      drop-down menu. Choose “Add a Portrait Session.” This will take you to a new page to enter the
      session ID and access code for the 2nd set of images.


  • What are my payment options?
    • You can pay for your order in full using Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express. You
      can also use your PayPal account. To learn more about payment plan options see below.
  • Is there any way to break up my payments?
    • You can pay for your order using PayPal. Visit
      for terms and conditions.
    • You can contact Customer Service by phone at 888-676-1647 to hear more about our interest-free
      installment plans.

      • You must place the order by phone.
      • One full installment payment is due at the time you place your order.
      • Portraits will not be produced and shipped until the final payment is made.

Promo Codes

  • My promo code isn’t working.
    • Be sure you are entering the code in all capital letters.
    • Be sure that your order meets the requirements of the code (e.g. dollar amount, package name,
    • Be sure to add the items that are promised in the promotion (e.g. CD, Graduation announcements,
    • Be sure you are using a code that was sent to you by Prestige Portraits. We can’t accept codes
      from other websites.
    • If you still need assistance with your promo code please contact Customer Service via phone at


  • Will my portraits be retouched?
    • Yes. Your finished portrait order will have Basic retouching at no additional charge. Basic
      Retouching includes removal of skin blemishes. Premium Retouching includes an evening of skin
      tone, teeth whitening (two shades) and softening of fine lines on the face. Premium Retouching
      can be added at checkout. To request additional retouching services, please call us toll-free
      at 888-676-1647
  • Will my proofs be retouched if I order them?
    • If you order a proof set, you will receive a new set of proofs (without retouching and without
      a watermark). If you also ordered portraits, the proofs you ordered portraits from will include
      Basic Retouching.


  • Will there be a watermark on my images after I order them?
    • Yes, there will be a small watermark on the front of the images you buy. This is true if you
      order either print or digital copies.