Trend Watch for Grad Girls

Note: This year we will not be offering family, group or friend sessions in order to ensure social distancing and the safety of our employees and customers.

What’s Your Fashion Type?

Grad portraits feature you at your very best, and celebrate the once-in-a-lifetime milestone of graduation. So when you plan for your portrait session, think carefully about how to get that picture-perfect look you want. Browse through your closet and think of the types of outfits you feel great wearing. Are you bohemian or classic? Retro or rocker? Or do you like to play with surprising combinations for variety?

Rock Your Style and Think About Themes

Scroll through these style trends to see which look matches your personal style the best. Use the photos and descriptions to give you ideas for planning totally put-together looks. And get suggestions for formal-themed and athletic-style photos too. Plan to bring at least three complete outfits to your grad portrait session. Or, bring more if you like!